Joe has over twenty years of experience in the creative arts industry.  From artist to team leader, he's explored multiple aspects of animation and graphics in still and moving imagery.  His career began at Reelworks Animation, where he was a production artist and supervisor, and later co-owner. A champion of newtechnology, he lead a team of diverse talents from traditional cell animation to digital production.  Joe moved on to further expand his talents in the world of digital design and motion graphics as a freelance creative director alongside 3D artists and editors.  He continued to help procure new business and worked directly with clients to develop treatments and oversee production.  With a desire to return to a creative leadership role and to collaborate with progressive designers, Joe moved to New York. Editorial company Cut+Run hired him to expand their capabilities - opening up an in-house graphics department. More recently, he returned to Minneapolis and continues to enjoy a steady diet of commercial work.  Among his strengths as an artist is his ability to produce work in a variety of styles and mediums. His work is featured in diverse outlets such as: music video, web design,  identity materials, commercials, cinema, & outdoor installations.  Joe's history includes work for: Target, MTV, Comedy Central, Mercedes, Nokia, Hershey's, Best Buy, Audi, Harley Davidson, Coke, Time Magazine, Epitaph Records, United Way, NY Times, Wendy's & Verizon.  He has been recognized by AICP, Clios, Mobius, Golden Marble, The Show, and seen in publications such as Communication Arts, Archive, & Creativity.